Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BUSCON is an official selection at the Milan Film Festival in Italy!

I'm proud to announce that BUSCON, a documentary directed by Anthony Alcalde that I helped produce is an official selection at the 27th Annual Milan International Ficts Festival in Italy (http://www.sportmoviestv.com/home.asp?l=0). 

This is a project that has gone through many stages and it's great to see it in it's prime form. Cogratulations to everyone involved!

Here's a link to the film's website and synopsis:

Web: http://busconthemovie.com/


BUSCÓN - n. 1. searcher 2. swindler 3. baseball scout

Buscón shows us the faces of Major League Baseball's search for young talent in Latin America.  As impoverished children with few resources, young latino players are left vulnerable to identity and birth certificate fraud, bonus skimming and child abuse at the hands of a system that can offer great opportunity, but at a considerable cost.

Carlos Perez is a buscón who takes us into the world of Major League Baseball hopefuls in Nicaragua.  Cheslor Cuthbert is the top 16 year old prospect from Corn Island, Nicaragua and is expected to be signed by a Major League team in July 2009.  Carlos provides us an inside look at how buscónes seek out kids and then hold on to them until they are ready to be signed.  Dwight Britton is a prospect whom Carlos trained until a rival buscón moved in and signed Dwight to the Seattle Mariners.

Carlos wants to see the system improve by establishing standards and practices for baseball in Nicaragua, both to protect the kids who dream of playing in the big leagues as well as the informal infrastructure of amateur coaches, trainers and buscóns who help young players compete with players from wealthier Latin American countries.  He sees a corrupt system that is in need of change.

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