Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cool optical illusion (I love this kind of stuff)

What color(s) are these spirals? If you said something like a blue and a green you are wrong! Will you believe me if I told you that those two spirals are the SAME COLOR! It's true! I confirmed it. All you graphic designers, load this image up into Photoshop and measure the color of each spiral and you'll see that they are identical!

What's going on? Our brains being eff'ed with. If you take a closer look:

... the orange lines (they are legitimately orange) is what's causing all this havoc. you see how they go through the "blue" spiral lines and not the "green" spiral lines. When they go through the "blue" they sabotage the color by manipulating our brains into seeing a darker shade of green. But it isn't blue, it's green! Just like it's twin brother spiral.

Whoa, I'm getting a headache.

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