Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey guys, my name is Alain, it is the Spring of 2009 and I've just been laid-off from work... HOLLA!

This would be my first posting so I guess I'll start off by saying: welcome to the "Unemployed Robot" blog page!

In this blog, I will post up things that interest me and hopefully you guys too. There is no real focus, just random things cause I'm sort of a scrabble brain. For the most part though, I like art, movies, music, and science so if you're into those kinds of things, then you should be able to get into this blog just fine. Oh, I make films too so to all of you film geeks: I'm one of you. (note: italics means I'm whispering to you... I'll try not to do it too much)

Prior to now, I worked for a music television company as a Junior Producer and am now in the process of graduating into bigger, better things with a little help from unemployment and some severance pay... HOLLA! You know, contrary to popular belief, being laid-off really isn't that much of a bumber.  Unless you worked in Wall street making six figures... then that sucks cause in New York the cap  for unemployment is something like $450 a week. Ouch. But, I'm pretty sure they got good severance packages too so there you go. 

I see this more like a time of re-building. A chance to take advantage of these unfortunate economic times by growing along with it. Folks, we will overcome this (cue inspiration music). I believe that we are a nation capable of great things. We have overcome greater obstacles. From British colonization, to slavery, to lip singing bands of the 1980's. I believe in change... change we can believe in... Barack Obama is our president... he's cool. I wanna play basketball with him. I'm sure he'd whip my ass. But I'd definitely whip his ass in NBA Live 2009. You can bet your best pair of sox on that one.

But ANYWAY, (I guess you can add politics to that above list of things I'll be discussing)... ANYWAY, thanks for checking out this blog site. I will try my best to post as many cool things as possible on a daily basis but this is my first time doing this so bear with me for a little while. Be easy, and don't forget to refuel every once in a while cause it's a long journey this thing we're doing here called living.

P.S. my website is coming soon where you can see some of my short films (shameless plug)

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