Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joy Ride Bicycle Art Show

This week New York City hosted the Joy Ride Bicycle art show as a part of the  Bicycle Film Festival. The art show was being held at four different venues throughout New York's Lower East Side and Soho area. Those that know me best knows that I love to ride my bike. So to see a film festival dedicated to bicycles should've been something quite exciting for me. But I'm not gonna lie, unfortunately I was unable to attend any of the screenings and was only able to catch one of the venues last night for the Joy Ride Art Show. It turns out that being unemployed has made me much more busier than I was before. Go figure. 

Here are some pics that I took from the Collective Hardware venue located at 169 Bowery Street in NYC. The artwork here is fascinating. I will have to make it an obligation to catch next year's Bicycle Film Festival events.

For more pics of the Joy Ride Art show go here:

... and here is a trailer for the Bicycle Film Festival:

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